80 new sex positions to try with your partner

80 new sex positions to try with your partner

Do you fall back on doggy-style to get your kicks? Well, you’re certainly not alone. DrEd, an online doctor, surveyed 2000 people in the U.S and Europe about their favourite sex positions and it seems we really are creatures of habit! The lead spot was taken by Doggy Style, favoured by 35.1% of respondents, followed by missionary (22.5%) and cowgirl (19.4%). "Holding legs up" and "69" each got 4.3% of the vote, "spooning" got 4.1 % and 3.9% of people said they favour "reverse cowgirl." Not all that surprising….yet.

People’s preferences didn’t differ too much based on gender, but men did put cowgirl second, while women chose missionary. Men also ranked reverse-cowgirl fourth, while this position was way down at number eight for women. And men put anal sex ninth, while that didn’t even make the women’s list. Cheeky.

People's favourite sex positions were pretty uniform in different parts of the world. Doggy style was the favourite in the U.S. and most European countries surveyed, with a few exceptions: Cowgirl was most popular in Italy, Switzerland, and Belgium, holding-legs-up took the lead in Hungary and Portugal, missionary won out in the Netherlands, and the Polish prefer spooning sex.

People were also asked what positions they wanted to try…and even we had to Google some of them! "Tabletop", "69 standing up" and "kneeling wheelbarrow" were amongst those listed. [Warning: You might want to limber up before attempting these!]

Whether you’re going for your trustee old favourite or attempting something an Olympian gymnast would be proud of, enjoy it (and wear a Skin!)

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