Battle of the Skins Rose Buddies

Battle of the Skins Rose Buddies


A PSA to all those wanting to explore their sexual desires and embrace their sensuality with Skins Rose Buddies, but not having a clue where to start!

Don’t worry girl, we’ve got you. So, grab a cuppa, and I’ll fill you in on all the juicy details of each rose and find you a playmate that caters to all of your (completely natural and normal) needs.

Discovering what you like and don’t like in the bedroom is, in our opinion, an essential and fulfilling part of your sex life, and practicing self-love is just as important. Skins Rose Buddies are perfect for your new adventure into solo play, bringing love, excitement, and passion, whilst remaining discreet but of course, pretty damn cute.

(And if your partners getting jealous of the rose toy, then you can always go ahead and introduce them, I suppose). 

So, which Rose will you be Buddying up with?

Lix Clitoral Rose:

The Rose Lix vibrator is designed to mimic the feeling of oral sex, with enticing tongue action and up to 10 different speed settings. So, if receiving head is more your thing, pair with your favourite sex lubricant to avoid any unwanted friction and dive in head first, literally!


Flix Clitoral Rose:

It’s giving…clitoral play, and sensual stroking with unique finger motions. The Rose Flix silicone finger offers 10 different motions combined with 10 pleasure settings, allowing you to explore and find the pleasure zone that you like best and avoid that awkward conversation about whether or not your clit has been successfully located.


Twirlz Clitoral Rose:

If you’re currently all about enjoying the slow life, then Rose Twirlz is right there with you! Strip things back with a variety of pulsing motions, providing oral sex sensations and if you fancy upping the pace a little, then of course you can do that too! Experiment with the different settings and find what works for you.


Flutterz Clitoral Rose:

No need for a man to give you fanny flutters when you have Flutterz Clitoral Rose Buddy vibrator. Despite being discreet, this Rose provides powerful vibrations, delivering intense pleasure and stimulating clitoral sensations from the pleasing flicking movements. Plus, this kind of buddy won’t tire after 20 minutes. Win, win if you ask me. 

Purrz Clitoral Rose

Make your pussy purr again and again and again with Rose Buddies Purrz Clitoral Toy. The low-frequency, pulsing vibrations satisfy the clitoris, while the soft silicone body allows ease of movement. Add your favourite lube from Skins to ensure friction is non-existent.


The petite and discreet shape of the Rose Buddy vibrator is ideal for travel, and of course, each and every one of our Rose Buddies are water-resistant, making them purrrrfect for intimate moments in the bath and shower.  

If this has helped make your decision, head to our shop and thank us later!

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