"Sex is a fundamental part of physical and emotional wellbeing. We believe that a safe, healthy and rewarding sex life should be everyone’s right to enjoy.

Our aim is to understand what ‘better sex’ means to you. Our promise is to empower you with the information, innovation and inspiration you need to enable you to realise your sexual aspirations and have the confidence to enjoy better sex."

Skins Sexual Health (SSH) are award-winning British innovators and manufacturers offering the very best in cutting-edge, sexual wellness consumables and intimate care products. A complete sexual wellness brand, SSH have become renowned for creating unrivalled productivity of unique, first-to-market, mainstream products that meet a variety of significant human needs within sexual health which protect, promote and invest in people’s sexual wellness and improve the lives of those affected by them.

Launching in 2006 as proud suppliers of Skins condoms to the UK National Health Service, Skins Condoms were born out of a desire to change the perception of contraception and challenge stigmas by lovingly designing a high-quality condom that people would have confidence in and enjoy wearing.

Since then the Skins Sexual Health product portfolio has continued to evolve to educate, empower and provide support for even broader sexual wellness demands, where currently those needs are largely unsatisfied. Skins Sexual Health have now developed several different brands within the sexual health category.

With over 10 years empowering intimacy and championing mainstream, positive sexual health promotion, SSH delivers innovative NPD solutions to the market at affordable prices. SSH act upon and support advanced and informed research into sexual health needs, influence initiatives that challenge stigmas, increase awareness, inspire confidence and overcome barriers to market through the use of contemporary packaging and on-trend marketing. In doing so, SSH represents an opportunity for pharmacies to make sexual health accessible to a wider market and drive new footfall to their stores with a differentiated brand that has a strong value proposition.

Through a pipeline of continual new product development and advanced innovation, Skins Sexual Health endeavours to contribute to public, mental and sexual health, through a structured growth plan and development strategy with support from strategic partners across the globe, including global retailers, pharmacy chains and distributors.