Petite But Powerful: Introducing The Super Excite Micro Massager

Petite But Powerful: Introducing The Super Excite Micro Massager

We’ve all heard of the saying, good things come in small packages, right? And at least 90% of the time, this is true. Earrings? Small package. Fancy face creams that cost £200? Small package. Our Skins Super Excite Bullet? Small package (and discreet, too!). Likewise, we know that the majority of the time, size doesn’t indicate value, and in this instance with our brand new bullet vibrator, we’re proud to say that nothing has ever been truer!



What’s a Bullet Vibrator?

Bullet vibrators are aptly named due to their design, which closely resembles a bullet. A petite but powerful micro massager, they’re designed to focus on external stimulation, pinpointing your endogenous zones, and stimulating the clitoris! Our new pink bullet is discreet in both shape and sound, to avoid any unwanted attention from house mates or family members. We don’t want anyone having to avoid eye contact with their parents at the next family dinner because vibrations could be heard through both the walls and floorboards (we’ve all been there).

The unsuggestive shape saves any awkwardness with family, siblings, or even the delivery guy, and the option of “leave with the neighbour” if you’re not in shouldn’t uproot too much fear. There’s no way they’d guess what you’ve been spending your money on this time! And yes, saving yourself uncomfortable conversations and confrontations is a HUGE win, but the sweet, discreet, and petite vibrator allows you to figure out exactly what feels good and what doesn’t, which is an even bigger win in our book.

All of this, along with the super lightweight feel, makes the Super Excite Bullet the MOST perfect travel companion, small enough to slip right into your… hand luggage, or even pop into your hold all for a steamy staycation!


Who is the Super Excite Bullet designed for?

The compact and simplistic design of the Skins Super Excite Bullet is perfect for those looking to explore self-pleasure for the first time. You can move easily through the 10 vibration patterns with literally the switch of a button to discover yourself and your sensuality without the intimidation of any complex machinery. Make sure to pair a drop of  Skins Lube with the silky silicone for an even more pleasurable experience!

Skin’s Micro Massager isn’t just for first-timers, but also those who want something more fun-sized to use during foreplay or sex with their partner. The vibrations are great for nipple play, or using between bodies for extra vibration. But a word of warning, the bullet is NOT recommended for anal pleasure – we don’t want things to get lodged in places that they shouldn’t!


Where can I buy the Super Excite Bullet? 

You can buy the Super Excite Bullet directly from our website here, and you’ll receive free delivery with the code FREEDELIVERY when you spend over £45, so why not stock up on all of your sex essentials whilst you’re here? Tempting.

Or, if you’re interested in stocking the bullet, email us directly via

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