Myths about condoms

Myths about condoms

Ahead of World Aids Day 2017, we at Skins Sexual Health have provided some of the most common condom myths to ensure you're never caught out in a tricky situation when choosing whether to use a condom. Don't forget, our motto at Skins Sexual Health is:

Never Go In Without A Skin!

10 Popular Condom Myths:

  1. A common urban myth about condoms is that they do not have an expiry date! MYTH! Unlike white rice or honey, condoms do in fact have an expiry date for each condom, so make sure that you are checking before using the condom that it hasn't expired. All of our Skins Condoms have their expiry dates clearly written on the packets.
  1. You've all probably heard this one: "You don't need to use a condom if you are engaging in anal or oral sex".MYTH! Sexually transmitted diseases do not discriminate and are passable through both oral and anal sex, so if you are engaging in non-vaginal sex, make sure you still use a condom!
  1. "I cant feel a thing wearing a condom!" While there is no disagreeing that condoms of the past reduced the sensation for the male wearing them, this is a thing of the past! Skins condoms are made with a latex of such high quality that they're clear and thin, to make the experience of using a condom as close to not using one at all! The latex is so clear and thin that we call it Invisitex! 
      1. There is a common assumption that it’s safe to just put the condom on prior to ejaculation. MYTH! Even before the male has ejaculated there will be sperm produced from the penis that can cause pregnancy! Additionally, there is still a risk of sexually transmitted diseases being passed prior to ejaculation. 
      2. All condoms are the same is a complete MYTH!  As latex comes directly from nature, it's quality can vary massively from year to year depending on the growing region's weather conditions. In the same way that grape crops vary, making an excellent wine one year and not so good the next, so can the quality of latex can vary.  To make sure Skins condoms are clear, thin, and strong, we go the extra mile to source only the very best latex from those regions with the best rubber growing conditions in any particular year. Here at Skins we send our resident latex expert directly to the plantations to personally select the very best.
  1. Don't be fooled into thinking that there is no need for a condom if your partner is a virgin. This is a MYTH! You should never take the risk of believing your partner may be a virgin as you can never truly know for sure. There is the chance that virgins can have sexually transmitted diseases already in their body, passed on through pregnancy from their mother, for example, Gonorrhea is a common STI passed on through pregnancy when untreated. Always use a condom - and make it a Skins condom!
  1. "Condoms tear so easily there's no point in using them!" Ever heard this MYTH before? Whilst it is true that some low quality branded condoms may tear easier than others, Skins condoms are manufactured in an award- winning CE certified factory, whose proprietary processes produce beautifully clear Skins that really do enhance the lucky wearer. As safety is the most important thing in condoms, all Skins condoms are tested to the very highest and most up-to-date European standards that supersede all other national standards.
  1. The smell of condoms can be a bone of contention for many people. The MYTH that all condoms have a horrible latex smell is a thing of the past! Remembering the insight we gained from our initial research, we infuse every Skins condom with a fresh vanilla scent and add a little extra lube to make them super comfy and to offer better protection. After teeth and nails, lack of lubrication is the third highest reason for condoms splitting! 
  1. A MYTH of the past is that reaching over for a condom would ruin the moment! Those days are over with the quick and easy access Skins Condoms provide. Skins Cube's contains 16 of the very best condoms in a range of different textures, flavours and types - because they're individual rather than part of a strip, there's no fiddling around and no risk of ripping other condoms!
  1. "Condoms are too dry, it hurts to use them" is a common MYTH about all condoms, and one that is not true at all, especially regarding our Skins condoms. Skins condoms are extra lubricated for greater comfort and safety. Unlike other brands, Skins lubricant is formulated to cover c.75% of the length of the condom. This minimises splitting and makes the condom more comfortable for both lovers.

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