Why is it Important to use a Condom During Sex?

Why is it Important to use a Condom During Sex?

In a perfect world no one would choose to wear a condom but now, more than ever, condoms are essential wear! Condoms have a number of benefits to both you and your partner and they remain the only form of contraceptive protection against STI’s. Along with other methods, condoms can also help to avoid unwanted pregnancies.

Despite their superiority a large number of people avoid using them. The archaic ‘No Sex Please, we’re British’ attitude in this country makes the very act of purchasing a condom make most people blush or shy away from even attempting it. But we’re all doing it, or have done so at some point in our lives!
Condoms are potentially life-saving and compared to hormonal contraception, which can cause all kinds of unpleasant and long-term side effects for many women, they are user-friendly! Wearing a condom should be seen as no different to wearing a helmet when riding a bike! People should take pride in their efforts to protect their sexual health and society should support them. Not only does it alleviate further strains on the NHS but it helps to make us a happier and healthier nation!

The biggest barrier to championing condom use may be in how we as a society in the UK still have relatively conservative attitudes towards sex and talking about our sexual and contraceptive needs. By widening the scope of conversation into sexual wellbeing as a fundamental part of enabling general holistic healthcare and well-being, we may be able to garner a more positive role for condom use. Indeed, this may be the way to change consumer attitudes and encourage the use of condoms across a wider demographic.

It is the responsibility of condom brand owners, retailers and front-line healthcare professionals to have an open and honest appraisal of the way we talk about condoms, sexual health, and wellbeing in general. By involving sexual wellbeing as part of our patient conversations in pharmacy when we may also be engaging patients in other health issues related to lifestyle, we may be able to introduce condoms in a less offensive and more engaging way.

Skins Sexual Health have made it our mission to change the perception of contraception by producing a premium quality condom at an accessible price and one that people are proud to buy, unashamed to carry and ultimately enjoy wearing. Our condoms have been lovingly designed to make the wearer look good and feel good – with a focus on creating a product that is as natural as possible, they almost feel like a second Skin! We aim to shift consumer attitudes towards contraception, making condoms a regular and positive lifestyle choice and purchasing decision for anyone who is sexually active.

Why Choose Skins?

  • A commonly cited reason for not wearing condoms is due to the tell-tale smell. All Skins are infused with a subtle scent of vanilla making them pleasant to use.
  • Skins are individually wrapped which means there is no risk of tearing another condom which could dry out and makes it easier to access in the heat of the moment.
  • After teeth and nails, lack of lubrication is the third highest cause of condoms splitting. Skins offers better protection and greater comfort by adding a little extra lubrication to every condom.
  • Research shows that condoms have the shortest point of purchase time in the UK no-doubt due to embarrassment. We wanted our brand to be as transparent as the product itself so Skins make choosing quick and easy with clear, simple and discernible product names.
  • Safety is paramount when choosing a condom. All Skins are manufactured to ISO 4074, the highest and most up to date safety standards. This standard supersedes all other national standards, including the kite mark, and means Skins meet the most stringent testing criteria in Europe. All Skins carry the CE mark.
  • To make Skins ultra-clear and strong, we go the extra mile to source only the very best latex from regions with the best rubber growing conditions in any particular year. Skins send our resident latex expert directly to plantations to personally hand-pick the best.

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