Why is lubricant good for sex?

Why is lubricant good for sex?

Everything you’ve always wanted to know about lubrication but were afraid to ask!

Why lubricants are good for men

Gay men were in on the secret a long time ago, but in many heterosexual relationships, lubes are considered a woman’s thing. Wrong. Men can have great fun applying lube to their lovers or enjoy great sensations applying lube to themselves. Use lube on the penis and scrotum. A neat little trick is to put a drop of silicone lubricant on the head of the penis just before rolling on a condom. This really heightens his enjoyment whilst wearing a rubber.

Why lubricants are good for women

Lubricants can set the passion wheels in motion. Try water-based lube on her breasts, before licking and sucking - or silicone lube which feels beautiful and also acts as a moisturiser! Put a little dab on your finger before stroking her clitoris. Often vaginal lubrication doesn’t find its way there before direct stimulation, so fingers tend to feel rough no matter how soft your hands.

There are women who believe they lubricate naturally and so don’t need a lube, but don’t knock it before you try it. Every couple will find their love-making benefits from the use of (the right) lube.

Are lubricants safe with toys?

Yes, in fact, many sex toy instruction sheets recommend the use of lubes with their toys. A little lube applied to the toy and to where it is going will make it a far more enjoyable experience. Beyond that, lubes are toys in themselves. They help spur couples to be more sexually playful.

Aren’t all lubes the same?

The simple answer is NO! Using the wrong lube is akin to putting machine oil in your car. Take a look below to help you choose the kind that’s right for you.


These do not stain, are safe for use with latex and all barrier birth control methods, and rarely cause irritation. While they can dry out during extended sex, water-based lubes are quickly revived with a spritz of water or a little saliva. Because of their versatility and effectiveness, water-based lubes are the form of lube recommended most often by experienced couples.

Skins Aqua: is a highly rated water-based lubricant and is proving one of the most popular lubes in the UK.

Skins Excite: Classic Skins Aqua with an added buzz – contains L’Arginine that increases blood flow to the area where the lube is! This heightens sensation for women and leads to a firmer feeling erection for men.

Flavoured Lubes

Skins Fruity are water-based lubricants with a twist. Wonderful for oral sex they can make foreplay great fun and tasty too. Make sure the lubricant you choose does not contain sugar as this can cause yeast infections in women. The world’s top-selling flavoured lubricants, Skins Fruity Lubes come in three flavours: Mango & Passionfruit, Strawberry, and Watermelon, they are also available in 5ml foils so you can try different flavours to find your favourite.

Silicone Based

The King of lubricants, silicone-based lubes retain their lubricating properties better and longer than water-based lubricants and are highly concentrated, so a little goes a long way. They are completely waterproof, making them ideal for use in showers and hot tubs. Skins Superslide contains 100% pure grade silicone lubricant making it ultra, ultra-long lasting. Silicone will not harm latex and is perfectly safe for internal use as silicone molecules are too big to enter the body through the skin or body linings. Just remember not to use silicone lube with silicone toys.

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