What are British attitudes towards sex?

What are British attitudes towards sex?

For some reason, the act of purchasing a condom makes us blush. We have this “No Sex please, we’re British!” attitude. But we’re all doing it. And we all want to take care of our health. So why? Condoms are protecting your wellbeing just as much as wearing a helmet is when you’re cycling. You’re not embarrassed to buy a helmet. So why be embarrassed about using a condom? We consider ourselves as a society to be sexually liberated: we have huge Adult stores on our high street, we watch porn and we’re all familiar with the term “one night stand”. But we go pink at the mention of condoms…an item that protects you from infection, unwanted pregnancy and, in extreme cases, life-threating illness. Sorry, what?!?!

Let’s be honest…Sex is pretty great. We should be proud to be doing it and enjoying it. We’re not saying run out naked on the street with a Megaphone after your next romp and shout about the gory details to your neighbours. Be at least have some self-pride in wrapping it up and looking after yourself. That’s something you should be proud of. And we’re here, rooting for you!

This sheepish-ness around sex and condoms can be attributed to a number of things, including a lack of sex talk in education and parenting. We know we can’t wave a magic wand but we’re certainly going to sprinkle some Skins pixie dust on this matter.

At Skins HQ, we constantly strive to “change the perception of contraception”. We want people to buy our condoms without the embarrassment so we’ve made it easy. We asked you what you wanted and we listened: You didn’t want fussy Condom names that confuse you. So we called our ultra thin condoms “Skins Ultra Thin”. You wanted to get rid of that latex smell. We infused our condoms with a light vanilla scent.  You didn’t want a cloudy-looking condom. We sourced the highest grade, premium quality latex to make them crystal clear. Don’t mention it J

So join the Skins movement in our strive to normalise condoms and banish the pink! Go out there, hold your head high, throw those Skins condoms in your basket and enjoy.

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